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To celebrate the nineteen overseas experts praise China academician
  The nineteenth National Congress will be held in Beijing in October 18th. As a decisive stage of building a well-off society in an all-round way and an important conference held during the critical period of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the announcement of the forthcoming news has aroused great concern from international public opinion. Recently, this reporter interviewed a number of experts overseas academicians, elite scholars. They marvel at China’s changes, applaud China’s achievements and look forward to greater achievements in China’s reform and development in the future.
Achievement: innovation after catching up
In 5 years, the development of new scientific and technological achievements China steady, sustained strong economic growth momentum emerge in an endless stream, and sparked overseas academicians praise.
Examples of China’s innovations are numerous, and each one is so inconceivable." Marwan Jabre, a member of the Australian Academy of engineering, said, "China has an excellent opportunity in the new industrial revolution."."
Take a look at some of the world’s top scientific journals, and you’ll find that the number of independent papers written by Chinese local researchers is growing rapidly." Mathias Werner Henze, professor and director of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, said.
Zhu Xiaoxiang, a member of the German Academy of Sciences, used the 3 words to describe China’s remarkable achievements in quantum computers and artificial intelligence.
"China’s high-speed rail, technically and mileage, are more than other countries."." Li Lin, a member of the Royal Academy of engineering, has paid close attention to China’s high-speed rail technology. "China is no longer chasing, but is catching up with it again."."
"In terms of cancer treatment and prevention, China’s technology has become increasingly advanced and mature. It is foreseeable that China will be a very global leader in the field in the future." Charles Kunbis is Professor of medical oncology at Imperial College london. As an expert in cancer research and medical oncology, he has learned medical skills with many Chinese doctors.
"In the past 5 years, China has accelerated the pace of" going global ". Many Chinese enterprises are well-known overseas. 5 years ago, companies such as Alibaba could only be start-ups. Now, almost everyone knows them." Australian Academy of technology, science and engineering, Guo Yingjie said.
"I visited HUAWEI yesterday.". They told us that HUAWEI had 120 thousand employees, and half of them were scientific researchers." "For solar cells, China is the world’s largest producer of solar cells," said Osterlinck Andre, academician of the Royal Belgian Academy of Sciences and the Academy of fine arts."
"Two years ago, China was very effective in promoting the signing of the Paris agreement on climate change, which was remarkable." The French Academy of Sciences, the European Academy of Sciences Herve Eli Teru is recognized Chinese made in environmental protection efforts, "in renewable energy, is the world leader in Chinese."
Chinese technical personnel by the Heidelberg Nobel laureate Forum Foundation Science President Andreas Reuter affirmed: "at present, in one of my 60 computer science doctoral students, 15 from the China."
"China’s change is a miracle.". Almost everything is new, I almost forget what it used to be." Carlos Salema, a graduate of the Portuguese Rees Institute, said excitedly. He arrived in China again in August, more than 20 years before his first visit.
The future: China will lead the world
"We are entering a new era."." When he thinks about what the Chinese will do to the world in the next 5 years after thinking about the nineteen major Chinese Communist Party, Charles Kunbis regrets it.
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